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                                                        Price List
                         We are a Federal Firearms License (FFL) Holder
Wheel Flares                            $75 each
Rims                                       $125 each
Valve Cover                             $150
Large Vehicle Grill                    $250
Bug Shields                             $125
Mirrors (Pair)                            $70
Hubcaps                                  $60 each
Golf Carts                                $600
Interior Automotive Trim            Call for pricing
Motorcycles                             Call for pricing
ATVs                                       Call for pricing
Snowmobiles                            Call for pricing 
Complete Shotgun                    $170
(Butt Stock, forearm, barrel and receiver)
One Piece Stock                      $60
Two Piece Stock                      $70
Barrel Only (Single)                   $65
Barrel Only (Double)                  $85
Receiver Only                           $60
Choke Tubes (Each)                  $20
Magazine Extension Tube         $30
Complete Rifle                         $170
(Stock, barrel and receiver)
One Piece Stock                      $60
Two Piece Stock                      $70
Scope Only                              $65 +
Scope Rings (Each)                  $25
Tactical Rifles
Complete AR                           $220
(Stock, upper, lower, charging handle, grip, hand guard, barrel and 1 mag)                       
AR Mags (Each)                      $25

Complete Pistol                        $120
Frame                                      $75
Slide                                        $50
Grips (Pair)                              $40
Cylinder                                   $40
Holsters                                    $25 +
Complete Bow                          $170
Riser Only                                $75
Limbs Only (Set)                       $70
Cams and Wheels                     $35
Quivers                                    $30
Stabilizer                                  $65
Grips                                        $40
Deer Skull                                $60
Bear Skull                                $70
Elk Skull                                  $100
Varmint Skulls                          $50
Plaques                                    $20 +
(We supply the plaque)
Other Skulls                             Call for pricing
Hardhats                                  $50
Welding Helmet                        $60
Bicycle Helmet                         $40
Baseball/Football Helmets         $50
Complete Paintball Gun            $125
Hopper Only                            $40
Cell Phone Cover Front            $20
Light Switch Covers                 $5
Ceiling Fan Blades(one side)     $20
Mail Box                                  $50
Toilet Seats                              $70

Other Items                              Call for pricing

We accept Cash, Checks,  Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express
We offer Dealer and production pricing
All items must be clean and unassembled to avoid Gunsmithing fees of $40 per hour
Please add shipping cost to return the item to you with your payment when shipping is necessary.  Firearms can be shipped directly to us but return shipping to you will need to be to a location/individual with a FFL

Please print and fill out the Order Form and Scope Waiver (if applicable)

HH_scope_waiver_form.doc (DOC — 25 KB)
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