Halvorson Hydrographics                                          -
Hydrographics is a film transfer process.  It is known as camo dipping, water transfer printing and hydrographics.  Almost any item that can be painted can be dipped. 
Every item goes through a prep process prior to dipping.  The first step in the process is to sand and scuff the item to get it ready for the paint.  The item it is then primed and painted.  After the paint has dried  the item is the stratically submerged into a water tank with the film and activator to transfer the image.  The item is then dried. The last step is the clear coat process.  The clear coat is the same you would see in the automotive industry making it very durable.  The clear coat can be matte or glossy to fit your individual needs. 
Most common items are guns, archery items, automotive items and recreational vehicles like ATVs, snowmobiles and golf carts, take a look at our pricing page for a complete list of items. 
Many patterns are available including metals, woods, camoflauge, carbon fibers and animal prints.  Sample patterns are available for viewing when requested.

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